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Yazu money or yinqian 亚洲语言银钱

Yazu credit program is dedicated  to give stipend  for Yazu students.


Yazu yinqian is an electronic currency that is codified as a digital numerical currency, which is monitored by mathematical functions calculated by computer software, invisible before  eyes and invisible in hands.


Digital  money 数字金钱  ; $ 银钱=966    Nine hundred billion

Yazu money unit name  亚洲语言银钱单位名称

Silver money银钱

Yazu money resource亚洲语言银钱资源

作者的收入author’s income is $ 银钱=966  Nine hundred billion

Yazu electron money亚洲语言电子银钱

Rate of exchange比价Bǐjià; $银钱=5* One yinqian balances with 5 USD